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Before the retreat I felt lost in this big world where there is so much to do and see but so much disconnection and uncertainty as well. This retreat at Haramara gave me time and space to connect with people, with myself, with the earth.  Haramara was the nurturing environment I needed to be grounded again, and Nikki lead me wisely and light heartedly through my journey. She nurtured and push me through my daily yoga practices, she helped me work with my challenges. She understood the impact that this retreat had on each of us and she took care of us and led us through seven unforgettable days. Nikki was the soul of this group of amazing yogis and yoginis. We all started as strangers coming from different parts of the country and ended up being a tightly woven kula. My kula will be with me forever, showing me that connection to others is what makes my life beautiful. Haramara was the canvas for this incredible week. We slept in beautiful cabanas, ate incredible meals, felt taken care of by the staff,  a group of very happy and caring individuals. It is impossible to describe the beauty and power of Haramara. It is a thousand times what I thought any retreat should be like. Haramara gave me clarity, it transformed me.  Here is what I would say to anyone young, old, married, single, with children, with busy jobs, anyone who is not a yogi, who feels they need something to happen... just go, and go with Nikki. You will never regret that decision. And you will see me there next year as well  

Annabelle D., Thornton, CO  


Words can't begin to describe how powerful Nikki's yoga retreat in Mexico was for me. I went in with the expectation of deepening my physical yoga practice - going further in my poses, perhaps getting into poses that had previously eluded me. I got all that, and so much more. Beginning each day with meditation centered me. Unplugging from the internet and my cell phone restored me. Sharing with an amazing group of people connected me. Reflecting in a naturally stunning place refreshed me. I came back completely fulfilled on every level. The care with which Nikki planned and ran the retreat made it the success that it was. From the well-thought out schedule, to offering options while respecting everyone's personal preferences, to facilitating a truly beautiful group dynamic, Nikki is gifted at enabling people to go further down their road of physical, spiritual, and emotional development. This was my first retreat with Nikki, and it definitely won't be my last. 

Sarah M., Denver, CO


My experience at Haramara with Nikki can only be described as dreamy.  Nikki communicated everything we needed to know and prepare for very clearly in advance, she was an organized, fun, and laid back leader, and of course the yoga classes were excellent.  I met REALLY cool people that I sincerely enjoyed hanging out with and getting to know throughout the week.  I can't say enough good things about the Haramara Retreat itself - the grounds are spectacularly beautiful, and it's clear that the people there truly cherish the special place they're in.  The casitas are just so cool - you will never forget spending a week living in one of those.  Our room was a double, but we learned upon arrival that we had a 3rd roommate - a very calm resident iguana who liked to hang out on the wall above the shower.  She generously shared her space with us, and we really enjoyed her company!  The funky surf town of Sayulita is about a 5 minute cab ride or 15 minute walk away from the retreat and has lots of cute shops and restaurants, as well as a nice, wide (though crowded) beach.  We enjoyed exploring the town, but it felt so good to arrive back at the peaceful Haramara grounds.  I thought our daily schedule was very well planned - we had enough time during the afternoon to do whatever we wanted (go to the beach, hang by the pool, take a nap, get a massage, go into town, do nothing at all, etc) but still enjoyed 3 amazing meals, a morning vinyasa, and afternoon yin together as a kula.  Practicing in those shalas with the mountain/ocean/jungle views, sounds of wild jungle bird calls and powerful waves, cool breeze, and clean, fresh air was unbeatable.  This was my first yoga retreat, and it was an awesome experience that I'll never forget.  I would absolutely recommend spending a week with Nikki in this magical place and hope to do it again myself one day.

Amy D. , Boulder, CO

This past yoga retreat was my first ever yoga retreat. I had no expectations going into it. I decided to do a yoga retreat with Nikki after going to her classes a few times because she has such a thorough knowledge about how the body works, where people hold tension, and how your mind places a role in releasing and letting go of what is not serving you anymore. Every yoga class that she teaches makes me stronger and I always feel great after, but most importantly, her classes declutter my mind. That to me is why Nikki is fantastic and worth every penny. I have practiced with a few yoga instructors who are able to do a great work out, but lack the mental and spiritual connection to the movements. I always learn something new for my practice when I take a class with Nikki and feel that she has been a pivotal part of my evolving, personal practice. The yoga retreat in Manitou Springs was at such a magical wellness center and I loved our time there. The theme of the retreat (transformation/ letting go for the good that is to come) could not have come at a better time for my life. Great people, great food, and great yoga and meditation.

Kelsey M., Boulder, CO


This retreat exceeded all of my expectations. The friends I met, insights I gained, and new habits I acquired will stay with me for a lifetime. Nikki is a wonderful yoga instructor who seamless integrated our various skill levels to allow for both challenge and nurture in our practices. I am truly grateful. 

Shawna S., Boulder, CO

Our yoga retreat with Nikki was exactly what I needed and one of the highlights of my summer. The space was beautiful and unique, the food was yummy and healthy, and the company fantastic! I enjoyed connecting with my girlfriends, meeting new people, and spending some time reflecting on myself. Nikki's classes were exceptional, and her engagement with all of us was genuine and fun. I loved hiking, going to the hot springs, and exploring Manitou Springs. I left the retreat feeling refreshed and energized. I can't wait to go again!

Susie B., Louisville, CO


I am so grateful to practice yoga with Nikki Rogers.  I've studied with her for over 4 years and my practice has grown tremendously during that time.  Her classes are a rich mix of her knowledge of several different yoga styles, a keen sense of anatomy, spirituality, and her wonderful sense of humor.  Nikki has a sixth sense about what her students need physically and emotionally in each and every class to get the most out of their practice.  Consequently, her students are devoted to her and this creates a tight knit, supportive community experience in her classes.  I can't imagine my yoga practice without her.

Connie F., Lafayette, CO

Like a lot of people, I felt a loss of strength and flexibility in my late 50’s. That was perfectly coincidental with the opening of the Erie Community Center. I started yoga in 2008, along with continued walking (I hate running) and a new regimen of weight lifting. I am now 66 and am experiencing the benefits of all of that, esp. yoga. Yoga has been fabulous for head-to-toe stretching and twisting as well as Nikki’s favorite instruction: breathing. I know I feel better, am able to play golf with a fair amount of flexibility (“for my age”), and my doctor likes my annual physical exams. I wish I had started yoga at least 25 years ago.

Stu T., Erie, CO

Nikki is my teacher because her technical expertise is far beyond the others. Her cueing and transitions have a natural flow that I can match my breath to. Even her music selection contributes to my practice. It’s her details. Yet they appear as if they come forth so naturally and effortlessly...which means she is truly as transcendent as she appears or she has a Blessing and a Gift. Her Light and Spirit must not be discounted. She shares that as she leads and it makes me better for having been there to be led.

Michelle B., Erie, CO


I have been attending Nikki's yoga classes for about two years now and I absolutely enjoy my time in there. It is an hour where she helps us forget our everyday troubles and helps us relax. I find that, after the class, I am more relaxed and can focus better on my work. Nikki has been very helpful and she personally walks up to each one of us and helps us hold the yoga pose better and explains how the poses help our muscles and body.  She ensures that every pose we do is safe for us and always explains the safest way to do so.

Soumya S., Software Engineer II.

I have been attending the Yoga classes off and on for a couple of years to address chronic back pain.  After a recent session, my back was pain free for the first time in years, and I commented to Nicki at the next session, letting her know thanks for getting my pain to go away (if only temporarily).  Nikki is an excellent instructor, and her knowledge of proper positioning is also an important key for keeping her on as the instructor, as I have friends of similar age and ability that avoid yoga “because I got hurt once at yoga” and Nikki is attentive to details to make sure all the participants get a good and safe workout.   Attending the classes are a welcome break in a stressful daily schedule. 

Mike G., Sr. Engineering Manager

It’s going to be three years since I started yoga class with Nikki. Since then I don’t have any back pains, while before I had to take time off from work to go to chiropractor or acupuncturist. My health and mood improved as well. I have a busy schedule and able to attend yoga classes only here, at work. Nikki is a great teacher, always attending and making sure we exercise correctly and safely.

Dmitriy R., Engineering Manager

I have been attending yoga classes for the last six months. I have only worked here for a year but it did not take long to realize how much stress an extremely busy day puts on my body and mind. My manager, and others, who are in the yoga group convinced me to start and I noticed a huge difference; my body felt more relaxed and my mind felt less strained, it makes the chaos feel more manageable. Nikki is a superb instructor and an excellent source of physical and mental health for our group.

Eric M., Development Operations